Data Analytics Privacy Technology Ltd (DAPT), a Nigeria’s premier Data Protection and  Privacy consulting and technology company, is a federal government licenced Data Protection Compliance Organization (DPCO) with licence number NITDA/DPCO/0004 committed  to provide clients across sectors with solutions and advice on how to deal with the growing risks, threats and vulnerabilities that may accrue to them as they handle personal information in the 21st Century.


DAPT Vision

Is to become Africa’s leading privacy and data protection consulting firm, building enduring relationships to ensure that companies instinctively turn to us the “GO TO” consultancy for support on their most important and challenging assignments.

DAPT Mission

Aligning technology and law in solving and advising on complex, multi-jurisdictional data protection and privacy regulatory compliances and solutions.

Our company foundation is built upon our belief that data is a vital digital economic resource critical to the functionality and survivability of individual, business, government and socio-economic growth. In this instance, we assist our clients identify and implement appropriate solutions to meet their data protection and privacy regulatory requirements in a cost-effective manner.

DAPT Objective

Is to provide cost effective services and persistent supports that impact on clients and stakeholders’ data protection and privacy assignments.


DAPT comprises of specialists in Data Protections, Data Privacy laws, and Information Security with multidisciplinary professional background that advises on complex data protection, privacy, information security compliance and governance issues.

Our team members have individual proven track record of advising on complex, multi-jurisdictional privacy and information technology projects. This allows combined specialist knowledge to benchmark clients against current market standards and to assess what constitutes an acceptable level of risk

Olusegun H. Olugbile

Director/ Managing Partner