Emerging Technology and Policy Advisory

  • DAPT emerging technology system deployment,  innovation, technology analysis, policy and legal advisory are offer through our in-house expert team with combined experiences of over 50years in Information Technology and Technology law covering the following specifics:

    • Technology policy, regulatory and legal advisory services.
    • Digital innovation assessment, training and deployment.
    • Cybersecurity governance strategy
    • Emerging technology governance, system application, training and deployment.
    • Crypto-Blockchain governance for economic development
    • Internet governance for development
    • Data and e-commerce governance
    • Emerging technology for development

    DAPT collaborates with others such as Spindlar Cyberlaw Centre, Nigeria and Crypto Economy Institute of Africa (CEIAfrica), Global Network for Cybersolution, Africa ICT Alliance to provide Synergy Leadership for the Digital Economy space in Nigeria in the areas of Technology + Law + Policy + Operations + Private Sector Implementations and Use Cases/Applications of Disruptive Technology innovations.